Like I Love You Lyrics

C, F Capo 2 

I’ve been slipping under I’ve been digging my nails 

Into the surface of your skin 

Trying to hold onto something 

I thought missing you was 

The worst thing id have to do 

Turns out missing me…

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Buried Alive (Lyrics and Chords)

Capo 5 

Verse: G C 

Chorus: Em, G, C, G, D, Em, G 

D 2x (Em G D) 

I say that i’m tired but not in the way that you think 

light me on fire, the only hurt that doesn’t…

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Make You Stay

Capo 1: 

Am G F

I know by now that you wont call 

but sometimes i stare at the phone on the wall 

sometimes i still think youre here 

sometimes i forget you’re gone 

it hurts when i remember like…

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Take It Easy Lyrics + Chords

Capo 5  

Am G C F  

Am G F  

Am G C F 

Am               G                         C                                C 

When you're alone and all the doors are closing on you  

Am                 G                              F 

You locked yourself out lost the keys  

Am              G…

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With Love Lyrics

They threw them away 

All the pills getting me through the day 

Something they say 

Don’t worry you’ll be okay 

Frustration it burns inside my eyes when I can’t cry 

And I can’t seem to keep up with my life 

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Let Me Down Lyrics

Oh, I’m sorry that I can’t give you all that you want 

Oh, I’m sorry that I can’t laugh it off like I did once 

Oh, I’m sorry I’m not strong enough to tough it out 

Oh, I’m sorry it’s…

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Angel On Earth Lyrics

Wake up at 8am  
Hearing the sobs in the kitchen  
I climb out of bed  
And ask her what's wrong  
She's not listening  
Whatever this is must be bad  
Cuz she doesn't cry like that  

We're racing down streets  

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Rooftops Lyrics

I miss the old days 

And my old self when my parents were never wrong 

I miss the wise tree 

By my window, when the wind would sing me songs 

And I guess that’s what I give to be grown…

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Crozier Lyrics

I miss the smiles on your face 

You humming softly while I wake 

I miss you learning to paint 

Telling me it’s never too late 


But now your hair is turning grey 

You gave up pleasures for the pain 


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Fighter Chords + Lyrics




C                                   G

There you stood by the window 


With roses inside of your hands


In the rain 

       G                                         D

I remember the sound of you slamming the door 


And driving away



You’re the

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