Why I wrote Rooftops

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i had this idea for rooftops like when the girl climbs up on her roof just to think abt the world and look at the stars and it’s so pretty 

and im obsessed with space so i had to add the stars in

i wrote this song bc of the nostalgia i feel towards my childhood... i had the happiest childhood and when i went into my teen years, my life started changing and i was faced with harder challenges like mental health issues, losing a loved one, etc.. all the stuff life throws at u 

and i missed things like falling off my bike and scraping my knee, showing off my strawberry bruise like a trophy of my bravery - instead of crying in my bed and listening to my parents scream 

and the second verse 

i felt like there was no happier or more peaceful feeling than waking up to a gentle breeze and the sun hitting your face while u hear the birds chirping 

omg i didn’t even know how many close and important people would leave my life.. until after i wrote the song and then i really related to the song. but it’s true, people come and go. even the ones u love the most 

but this song was just the most authentic song I’ve written, like taking a page out of my head (or many pages) and just spitting it all into a song 

i think i live so so much in my childhood memories that all sense of happiness goes back to that. if that makes sense 

(fun fact: i wrote this song on the back of like a piece of a cardboard box and i wrote it in two parts.. i usually write the song altogether and in my songbook so i didn’t think it was gonna turn out good) 

thank u for listening to my song if u have, i hope u like it :) 💚

Listen to "Rooftops"


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